January 9

Love demands a certain closeness.
it is difficult being miles apart.
All of your softness that exists
Resides only in my heart.

My arms long to wrap around you.
All the warmth that I now miss –
No breathing to excite me –
No favorite spots I love to kiss.

When I sleep – and when I rise –
To love you, I just close my eyes.
Each night it’s all the same –
All I have to do
Is softly speak your name.

I see your smile.
I see your tears.
    I feel the wonders of romance.
I feel your love
As you feel mine
    And touch your countenance.

It’s difficult to keep my love,
Locked and sealed within –
When I have so much to give,
And so little discipline.

Our love is felt; our love is shared –
The best that we can do,
Until at last, some future time –
When I can come to you.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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