January 6

First the diagnosis,
    then the prognosis:
eleven months of side effects –
        from contusions to transfusions.
Let me list the ways:
        nausea, cough, loss of hair and pain –
        itching, low platelets, and migraine –
        bleeding under the skin –
food tastes all the same –
        blood sugar high, blood pressure low –
        feeling a bit insane.

Many friends have told me
        I am an inspiration –
beyond their imagination –
        deserving their admiration.
Still, they cannot help but wonder
        if a magic spell I’m under:
    “Why won’t he share?
    “What is it he conceals?”
The answer really is so plain –
        why I feel such little pain –
    Love Heals!

Illness affects the body,
        yet remains apart.
It cannot reach the spirit
        or touch the human heart.
    Love Heals!
Illness can affect the mind
        and make it less than whole –
Illness can cause death,
        but cannot touch the soul –
    Love Heals!

Illness, regardless of how hard it tries –
        to conquer - in it’s endeavor –
will never overcome your love –
        you love will last forever.
    Love Heals!
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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