January 31

Another beginning
Another ending of
Another month
        Of another new year.
Every day so different.
Every day so similar.
        Filled with wonder, awe, and you.
        Filled with sadness and with tears.
        Filled with sharing.
        Filled with caring.
Every night was spent with you
And every day was fresh and new
        Filled with thoughts of loving you.

Another month of memories
        Creating anniversaries.
Reaching out to touch and feel
        Discovering our sex appeal.
We pledged a new and different vow
        That we would find a way somehow
To share throughout eternity:
        My love for you your love for me.

The days passed by. They seemed too swift
And now this month is almost through
I thank you for your special gift
        Of welcoming my loving you.

31 Days of Loving You
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