January 24

What can I write tonight
    I have not written before?
What thoughts do I think   
I have not thought before?
What emotions do I feel
    I have not felt before?

There are just so many ways
    to express in words my love.
If a picture speaks a thousand words
    Id paint all that I love.

If music could convey
    all that I now feel,
Id compose a symphony
    of love for you to hear.

Words alone can never touch,
    embrace or hold you close,
caress you, kiss you, reach you,
    substantiate my love.
Every time I think of you ,
    express my thoughts in words,
all I write is fresh and new
    like when I first discovered you.

What is there to write tonight
    I have not written before?
That you are the very essence of love
    and I cannot ask for more. 
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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