January 21

Love transcends time.
It cannot be measured in minutes, hours,
days or years.
I have loved you always; I cannot remember
        at time
when you were not here.

Love is.
There is no beginning;
there is no end.
What lifetime shall mark our anniversary?
What monumental event shall we celebrate?
    Our love has always been.

When I was young
I laughed at the  moon
    and danced with the sun.

As I grew
I reached for the stars
    while dreaming of you.

Never has there been a time
    when your love has not
    joined with mine.

I have always loved you.
You begin with my past,
    fulfill all my dreams.
        bring joy to my days,
            love at this moment,
                and hope for tomorrow.

Love cannot be measured in minutes, hours
days or years;
        but by the memories we’ve shared
    and filled.
and the depth of love
    we always give.


All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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