January 18

Some things I will never forget –
the loneliness I felt before we met.
All those years without
    feeling the warmth of love.
    Without the feel of another’s touch
    Wanting to love and give so much.
        Feelings of inadequacy deep inside of me
        Each time I reached out to touch
        And felt my hand being pushing away –
                pushed back to me.

Some things I will never forget –
Being your friend, wanting
so much more –
        And your encouragement along the way.
        The subtle ways I sought your approval,
        so afraid that once again my hand would be
                pushed away.
But you reached out and held me –
Your hand on top of mine.
You placed them, together, first on your heart,
                    Then on your breast.
        I forgot all the words you said to me.
        I forgot all the words I said to you.

But some things I will never forget –
I will never forget how you gave to me
All that I have ever wanted to give.
I will never forget, knowing inside,
I had finally found my love.
And knowing at last, for the very first time,
        That I, too am someone to love.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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