January 17

The day I fell in love with you
was like any other day.
I woke up feeling indifferent –
it was just another day.
Nothing very special.
No premonition on its way.

It was in September
on a Sunday, I recall.
In a very ordinary year,
In a very ordinary fall
You’ve lived in one,
    you’ve lived in all.
Not one angel came to me –
to appraise me of my destiny –
    arouse my curiosity.

We talked as we often did,
so many times before,
of poetry and other things
we love and we adore.
Nothing very special –
but then we felt a touch –
shared from within,
experienced so much –
in that simple touch
    I felt you nearness,
       your passion,
        your sorrow,
           your pain,
I felt your joy,
    your spirit
    and I felt love
        return again.
It was just another day like any other one
when two souls touched and became one.

All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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