January 16

Whatever you do, never try to list
all the reason you love me.
You might just discover Im not lovable at all.

Youll start writing down all those poetic words,
stop to think awhile,
        draw a line through them,
        and try to find some other words,
but words will refuse to come.

Basically Im a very boring man.
I sit around all day
        watching CNN
        until I fall asleep while sitting in my chair.
Time passes: I wake up for a nature call,
        eat, then sleep again.

But I do tend to think a lot,
        smile a lot,
        tell stories to myself,
imagine exciting and erotic things
        while sitting in my chair.
And always
        love a lot
love you each moment of the day.
Sometimes I just have to touch and
feel my hand
confirm the fact that I am me
        and I am real
then I embrace you  - for your love
        is all that I can feel.

I no longer keep a poker face.
When I get mad it shows!
        I raise my voice a lot.
        Wrinkle up my nose a lot.
Grit my teeth
while sitting in my chair.
Fighting all the dragons
        All the evil that exists
most everywhere.

And always
I love a lot.
Love you each moment of the day.

        We cry together.
    We laugh together.
        Play together.
Love each other in so many different ways.

Never list the reasons why you love me
just hold me close,
        and never go away.
With you,
        all my dreams are real
and your love
        is all that I can feel.
I love you so many different ways.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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