January 15

We have so many memories
            yet to be experienced.
So many dreams
        shared when we’re apart.
So many nights
        longing to be together.
So much love
        residing in my heart.

Walking barefoot along a beach together,
        collecting sand between our toes.
The low tide removes our past – forever.
Makes all our tomorrows
        the end of a rainbow.

A poet’s dream, a poet’s tears,
while searching all those lonely years –
at last the sadness disappears –
all that remains are silent fears –
sung by distant balladeers
to a bard who no longer hears
the music played in yesteryears.

Let’s have a picnic –
        pack a lunch and play –
Ring Around the Rosy;
        Ladybug Go Away!
Let’s skip rope together,
        and I may sneak a kiss
While riding on the carousel –
        no time to reminisce.

A kaleidoscope of love –
        a picture of my heart –
a melody of songs –
        a priceless work of art.
Each thought I now have
        quickly passes by –
but you are in them all,
        my sweet butterfly.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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