January 14

The most powerful definition that
I have ever heard
defining love is:
“love is the force,
that binds the atoms of the universe

Often I feel
        the perfection of love –
        when all its different aspects
        are equally shared.

Somewhere between the marrow,
        where the blood that flows through us
        is created –
                and a lover’s heart, where the atoms
                of love reside –
lies our mind and thoughts,
                where our feelings are defined.

When all these feelings are shared
it becomes a perfect love.

Within that special place, a touch
of jealousy is born.
I have produced that thought
        as well as you.
Both love and trust provide
        nourishment to those thoughts –
        keep them locked and sealed within.  
They add beauty to our love.

It is the reason for both growth
        and renewal.
It is another powerful attribute of love.
        When it matures, it evolves
            and becomes fidelity.

So many thoughts we share –
each a testimony that we care –
love is a special kind of prayer. 
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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