January 13

There are days of wonder,
days of joy,
where everything seems to fit
     into a perfect plan,
     all pieces of a puzzle
     fall into place,
     as if some divine assistance
     were guiding my hand.
I write some damn good poetry!
     say bright and witty things.
     Accomplish more by accident,
     than by design.
Feel both whole and well inside.
Through all this happiness,
     I feel your love
     and treasure it more
     than anything up above.
Your love is ever by my side –
always touching me inside.

I have days of sadness
        and of fear.
Premonition that the end is near.
It’s hard to keep a smile upon my face
        when darkness seems to conquer
and embrace.
Each moment seems to be another hour –
the taste of sugar suddenly turns sour.
Throughout all the sadness and depression
        your love becomes my inspiration.
        like the first ray of sunlight –
        the dawn of a new day.
Your love makes all my sadness go away.
Your loves is always by my side –
        always touching me inside.
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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