January 11

When we were both in love, and young.
we steamed the car windows –
sneaked home when the sun began to rise –
and hoped no one was waiting for us.
Oh, we did lots of crazy things –
put the top down on my convertible,
parked directly below the flight path,
as close as possible to where the planes landed,
where the winds from the engines blew our hair.
It took hours to hear again.
We did so many foolish things,
when we were both in love, and young.

Today, it is still the same.
We’re both in love, and young.
We feel the thrill of an embrace,
and try to stay up far too late.
Our bones ache; we talk a lot –
of new pains that we feel.
Discuss all we need to say –
pray both of us will heal.
We laugh a lot, we cry a lot,
and steam up windows still.
We love a little differently –
we’re a little more mature.
We have a deeper passion now –
no longer seek a thrill.
We find love in all we do –
and every thought we feel –
so many things – so many ways we share.
We are both in love, and young.

All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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