January 1

A New Year.

Never have I entered a new year
     and felt such love before.
Never have I felt so needed.
Until you, love was only a concept -
  a hope -
   a dream.
Love had no form - no substance.
I was alone.
Alone with friends. Alone with family.

Each New Year was the same.
No one to call to.
     No name to name.

Of all the New Years I have experienced,
there has been only one.
The day we met - the day I first experienced

Now I understand.
My love has form.
   My love has substance.
It is something I can hold and I can feel.
It is within.
  It is all about.
    It is life.
It calls to me:
  I call you

"Come let us celebrate
the new millennium together - forever."
All Rights Reserved Copyright 1999 and 2000 Robert E. Kogan
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